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A Novel Precision Synchronization Control via Adaptive Jerk Control with Parameter Estimation for Gantry Servo System

Hao Yuan and Ximei Zhao*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 21, no. 1, pp.188-200, 2023

Abstract : This article presents a novel precision synchronization control method and corresponding control design using adaptive jerk control (AJC) with parameter estimation to improve the synchronous performance for gantry servo system with parametric variations and unknown disturbances. Initially, cross-coupled control (CCC) is provided to realize the synchronous cooperation of two parallel permanent magnet linear synchronous motors (PMLSMs), and the coupled system model is transformed into a state-space form. Consequently, the filtered errors based on synchronous error and position tracking error are established to simultaneously guarantee that both the synchronous error and position tracking error converge to zero asymptotically. Then, AJC is proposed to handle the uncertainty. More specifically, an adaptive feedback gain is involved in the AJC for improving the robustness, without requiring a priori knowledge of the uncertainty. A novel adaptation law is introduced to update the adaptive feedback gain. Moreover, a terminal attractor is incorporated into the adaptation law to improve the convergence even with noise. Therefore, the chattering phenomenon are significantly alleviated. Meanwhile, parameter estimation is employed to address the model parametric variations. Experimental results demonstrate the efficiency and superior performance of the precision synchronization control method.

Keyword : Adaptive jerk control (AJC), cross-coupled control (CCC), gantry servo system, permanent magnet linear synchronous motors (PMLSMs), synchronization control, uncertainty.

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