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The Ball and Beam System: Cascaded LQR-FLC Design and Implementation

Muhammad Ridho Rosa, Muhammad Zakiyullah Romdlony*, and Bambang Riyanto Trilaksono
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 21, no. 1, pp.201-207, 2023

Abstract : This paper aims to derive a dynamic model of ball and beam systems (BBS), design, and implement the optimal controller linear quadratic regulator (LQR) with cascaded feedback linearization controller (FLC). It is known that missing information of the parameter of the system model can cause undesired tracking results. The LQR-FLC can solve the tracking problem caused by model uncertainty. The LQR controller, the inner-loop controller, is designed based on the derived BBS dynamics model. Then FLC, the outer-loop controller, is designed to get the desired tracking error dynamics. By using LQR-FLC, one can use the simple PD controller to design the tracking error dynamics. In addition, the estimator is designed to provide the controller with the full-states information. This research is worth investigating because the LQR-FLC scheme for controlling the BBS is missing in the literature. The experiment is carried out using a hardware in loop (HIL) scheme where MATLAB-Simulink is connected to a microcontroller. Simulation and experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed cascaded LQR-FLC.

Keyword : Ball and beam system, cascaded control, FLC control, HIL, LQR control.

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